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Solo mining

   1. In practice, you can earn more coins with solo mining in comparison with mining calculator. This happens because altcoins have lower difficulty and BTC/GH/Day index is much better than at Ethereum mining.

   2. Share difficulty on all pools is 2-10 GHS(can differ), you can see statistics after first accepted share.

   3. Payment is for the mined block, minus your small fee 1.5%.

   4. We support hashpower rental services. (Attention! NiceHash can show you verification error time to time, but all works fine and tested).

   5. You can use mining calculator at and

   6. We work from August 26, 2016.

   7. You can contact pool administration at -=BircoinTalk=- forum or our embedded chat.

   8. Using service of solo mining pools you agree with all available risks of using the experimental software.
The administration can not and will not compensate for any irrecoverable losses, but will do everything possible to prevent them. Use the service at your own risk.

   9. Always use the option FAILOVER (backup pool) in Claymore, Always use reserve pools in MiningRigRentals

   10. - Server information
      1. 2x Xeon E5-2650v3 - Ram 256GB - NWMe
      2. DDOS protection

GPU rig rental:
Solo Pool Service works great with hashpower rental service, like =-NiceHash=- and -=Miningrigrentals=-

***All hashpower rental services tested for work with clona solo mining.

Attention! NiceHash can show you verification error time to time, but all works fine and tested.

Nicehash: If standard order speed is lower or equal to the zero, just wait for 5-10 minutes and increase order price until it will be equal to the ordered speed. The best price is about +20 of the mininmal price. You can also use NiceHashBot to get a mininmum price.

How to connect to NiceHash
Use English subtitles or another language

How to get maximum profit using clona solo mining?

Miners got a lot of experience using solo mining. Lets us share this experience.

1. Firstly grab maximum info from usual mining pools.
Take in consideration pools hashrate, coins network difficulty, how often pools catch blocks. Calculate how much in average you can catch blocks using your hashrate. You can also use Wattomine mining calculator.

2. The best time for mining is then coin network difficulty is falling down, at this time you can support it by your hashrate. Always monitor mined coin network.

3. If you using hashpower rental service, do not send maximum hashrate. Start with 1GH hashpower, find the block, collect statistics. If you see overall network hashrate is degrading, you can boldly increase your rented hashrate step by step. Full network statistics is available at -=full network stats=- link at the main pages of the pools. Using these recommendations you will get profit with 90% luck. Take in mind that this is not universal mining guide.

Experienced miners always control BTC/GH/Day value accordingly to every mined network. Unexperienced miners stop rented haspower orders depending on found blocks. Another one continues to mine trying to get zero profit. Some risky miners just trying to get lucky and sometimes get 250% profit.

Coin network difficulty is very important value. If difficulty falls down your chance to get block is increasing, But difficulty decreasing not stabilize fast, so block time is increasing. So you have two variants: to support difficulty by increasing your hashrate accordingly (not economically viable) or to wait for difficulty normalization. You can monitor this parameter at -=full network stats=- link at the main pages of the pools.

Also it very important to know all about the coin you mine. You need to understand its specifications like block goal time, know how its work etc. You can get more coin information and coin trends from thematical forums.

4. You can get more than 250% profit from solo mining. The key to successful mining is monitoring of everything coin connected, If you use shared mining pool and your monthly profit is more than block reward - solo mining is for you.

5. All coins you can mine at our pool are time-tested and tradable at exchanges.

Mining basics:

Pool allows users to combine their hashpower to get block reward faster. Shared pools divide block reward accordingly to pool users hashpower.

Pool share - one of the possible block solution. The more shares pool have, the more chance to get block reward.

Shared pool VS Solo pool

If your rig hashpower can work in solo mining - do not use shared mining. There is a lot of Ethereum forks with low difficulty. If difficulty of this networks will be big, just switch to shared mining.

Solo mining is only for expert miners. If you do not understand mining fundamentals - do not use it.

In mosts cases, solo mining is more profitable. But this is your risks also. Please share your experience in the chat with us. We always share users experience with other miners.

Use the service at your own risk.

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