General Information:
   • Pool fee - 1.5%
   • Share difficulty: 2-64 GHS
   • NiceHash и MiningRigRentals compatibility
   • SOLO payouts system:
   - Full block reward for the miner who found him.
   - Block rewards + all transaction fees. Payout delay 10 minutes & 15 blocks confirmations.
   - Payout transaction fee paid by the pool.

   Using service of Clona Network you :
   • Confirm that you are 21 years old.
   • Agree with all possible risks or any other force majeure circumstances.
   - The administration can not and will not compensate for any irrecoverable losses, but will do everything possible to prevent them.

    • BitcoinTalk, Telegram and public chat, it's available on the main page of every pool.

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